Agapito Weekend

Event details

  • October 20, 2017
  • All Day
  • Please contact your coordinator for times and venue.

Call of Abraham: Father of Faith, Carrier of God's Promise, Model of Evangelisation

Evangelise because we're called. Evangelise with a vision of faith. Evangelise with your encounter with Jesus alive in your mind heart and lips

As we begin our new season of Agapitos, we'll be reflecting on the fuel and focus of our charism: our call, our encounters on the faith journey and the eschatological promise of salvation.

To help us reflect on this we will consider the person of Abraham and his early response to God's call and faith in His promise.

One specific aspect of this early stage of Abraham's faith journey was the building of four Altars, marking specific moments and characteristics of encounter with the Lord

  • Altar of Docility to his call (Gen 12:1-7);
  • Altar of Intercession (Gen 12:8-13);
  • Altar of Peace and Mercy (Gen 13:14-18);
  • Altar of God's Providence (Gen 22:9-14). Here the Lord asks for Isaac, in order that Abraham would give Him his heart.


These might provide the opportunity of sharing from the heart.

  1. Where can you see these moments of encounter in your own life?
  2. How do these provide fuel to our evangelisation, and substance to our testimony to people who are in need like we were/are?

Happy Agapito! Please contact your coordinator directly to find out when and where your Familial Community will be gathering.