Let's pray!

Ask and you will receive!

Prayer is the fuel for everything that we do as a community. During the day we regularly offer prayers of thanksgiving and worship to God who loves us (and you!!) immensely. It's amazing to think that the God of all creation and King of kings would leave His throne and offer His life on a Cross to set you and me free from the burden of sin and suffering!

And yet we all know that life isn't perfect. We live in hope: "In this world, you will have trouble. But don't be disturbed: I have overcome the world!" And in the midst of life's troubles, we turn to Jesus, who loves us enough to have died for us, with prayers and requests. He promises that when we pray in His name to the Father, the Father will hear and respond to our intercessions.

We can (and should) pray to Him ourselves. We should have no fear in turning to God. The apostle John gives the best pen-pic ever for Him: "God is love. In Him, there is no fear!" But, if we're honest, there are sometimes we just can't pray. Other times we appreciate the comfort of knowing that others are praying for us.

Let us pray for you! Send us your prayers of thanksgiving and petition/intercession and our community will begin to pray as soon as we receive it. Don't worry, you have the option to keep the prayer anonymous if you would like (it won't be published here and will only be seen by the consecrated brother responsible for prayer ministry). All we ask is that you come back to us and let us know how the Lord has responded to your prayers!