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“Thy Kingdom Come”

"You will be my witnesses"

Praying that the Holy Spirit will give us the courage to bring friends, family and strangers to an encounter with the Risen Jesus!


"Thy Kingdom Come" is a global prayer movement, which invites Christians around the world to pray between Ascension and Pentecost for more people to come to know Jesus Christ. What started out as an invitation from the Archbishops’ of Canterbury and York in 2016 to the Church of England has grown into an international and ecumenical call to prayer.

The simple aim is this:

that everyone who participates will deepen their friendship with Jesus, bring other to know Jesus or know him better, and come to know that every aspect of their life is the stuff of prayer.


Justin Welby's Invite

Thy Kingdom Come and Koinonia Ireland

Koinonia have been invited by 24:7 Prayer to join them and other Christian Churches and movements to join them for a Pentecost Vigil. 24:7 Prayer is a movement with the dream of a Church renewed through continuous prayer in different churches throughout the country and the world. Kingdom Come' is promoted by the Archbishop of Canterbury, who calls on all Christians to pray that people might know Jesus Christ. He calls for a focused time of prayer between Ascension & Pentecost: 25th May – 4th  June 2017, climaxing in lots of ‘beacon events’ around Europe on Pentecost Weekend 2017 (June 2nd-4th). 

It has been our ‘tradition’ for many years to host a Pentecost vigil as the Koinonia. This year, a prayerful decision has been made that we will join with our brothers and sisters from other Christian communities in Saint Anne’s, as Paul writes to the Philippians: “agreeing wholeheartedly with each other, loving one another, and working together with one mind and purpose” (Phil 2:2).

We will gather at 7:30pm in St Anne’s Cathedral for a wonderful night of prayer and worship to intercede for our nation, and seeing Psalm 133 come true as we worship the one Lord. It will be great to witness the Holy Spirit at work in the Cathedral, packed with people worshipping Jesus in a spirit of unity & intercession, in an atmosphere of expecting the Father to do something new and amazing in our generation.

Community Prayer Moments

Covering our island with prayer in the week leading to Pentecost

As part of this “mission of prayer” we have asked each Agapito / area to host an evening of community prayer in the week before Pentecost, to pray & intercede for our community & our island throughout the week.

Above all, we give thanks to the Lord for all the blessings he has bestowed on us as individuals, as a community and as an island. We thank him for our troubled past and for how he has called us to help heal wounds of division. But more than anything, we thank him because he is YHWH Sabaoth and loving Father; King of kings and friend of the poor; Lord of lords who died so that we might be set free, and rose so that we can the dream that he has for each one of us. We thank him because we were made to bring glory to Him!



Some prayer themes include:

  • For eyes to see what the Lord is already doing, and increased expectancy this Pentecost
  • For our community, our island, and  the many nations whose citizens have made Ireland their home
  • For children and all those called to minister to them: that they may become evangelisers of their families
  • For young people
    • For those involved in drink and drugs: that the Lord break the chains of bondage and addiction
    • For those young people abusive families: may they know and experience the Father's love for them
    • For those young people seeking their call: Bless them with wisdom if called to marriage, and courage to respond if called to virginity for the Kingdom of Heaven or to priesthood.
  • For unity founded on our diversity and grown in friendship: that the Lord continues to open doors for us
  • For a renewed courage and zeal to evangelise!


Gathering as one Church and as one Community with one purpose - to say "Here I am, send me!"


Get in touch and come along

While all the events are being organised by Koinonia, they are open to all who would like to come along and pray with us. There is a map below showing the public venues, and the general area of those in private homes. For the events in public venues feel free to just to come along. For prayer evenings in our members' private homes: if you are from the area and would like to come and pray please fill in the contact form on this page, giving a method to contact you (email or mobile number) and we will happily pass this on to local coordinators.

Perhaps you can't make any of the events, but want to get involved. There are two ways to do this.

1: Pray along with us in your own home at some point during the week (perhaps during one of the events listed above). If you do this, we'd still love to hear from you so that we can pray for you and with you at the same time. 

2: Add a prayer to our prayer wall: during this special week of prayer, your intentions will be prayed for in a special way. You can ask for prayer through our prayer wall . Here you can ask your prayer to be anonymous, but be assured we will be praying for you as an entire community leading up to Pentecost and throughout the year.

Happy Pentecost


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