Testimony Course: Stories with the power to set people free

I will declare your righteousness and your salvation every day (Psalm 71:15)

What a weekend! On 28th and 29th April, 30 members of our community gathered in the Catholic Chaplaincy @ Queens to explore the power of the story that the Lord has written in their life! It was a time of sharing the power of how Jesus has transformed our lives, celebrating how this has brought us together, and committing to bearing witness to those in our lives who need this same hope, strength and salvation.

The weekend began by exploring the role of witness that God gave to John the Baptist – who leapt in his mother’s womb on his first encounter with Jesus and pointed to him as the “Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world”. Our role as witness is more than story telling. It is a call to make Jesus present in the lives in those who the Holy Spirit puts in our path and who need that same hope that we have received.

Creativity abounded as the group explored the content and method of testimonies and the weekend concluded with a prayer for the strength of the Holy Spirit to be that light among our family members, friends, streets, villages and towns.


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    Margaret Magorrian says

    This course was another example of the Lord blessing me with love and friendship. Even with something as simple as a ball of wool can I share my testimony of what Jesus has done for me with others.

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    Pat Magorrian says

    Thank you Jesus for the powerful anionting on the Testimony Course this weekend. To see the power of your Holy Spirit in the intimate personal sharing of you Jesus in the salvation and life of my brothers and sisters. It was such a privilege to witness the freedom only you can bring.

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    Joan Jones says

    Thank you Jesus for a lovely weekend where I realised a lot of healing can be brought home in Jesus’ name through hearing what Jesus has done for us and it feels so good to open up to our brothers and sisters. I realise this is how we grow in Jesus’ name

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    Mickey Walsh says

    Soooo sorrrry I missed it… Jean thought it was amazing n said she learned so Much… Thanks Darren fo doing my talk… Looking forward to Koinonia Day!

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    Claire. says

    What a Spirit filled couple of days.Enjoyed every minute of it. The venue was great and it was good to talk to Fr. Gerard, he was so welcoming. Loved the final session creativity!!! Not really my strong point. I used a stapler and and an aerosol spray for my testimony. Got the point and plenty of food for thought. The sharing of testimonies from the groups were powerful and humbling. Thanks too for all the teachings and new songs. Amazing. Finally thank you to all my brother’s and sisters for their friendship and love.

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    Anne Mitchell says

    What a powerful Testimony course! Listening to others giving their testimony has increased my Faith even further and yes Jesus truely is the answer!

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    Patricia Sadlier says

    Wow – what a weekend! Thank you Lord for the precious gift this course has been. Thank you Lord especially for giving me the opportunity and the courage to share my testimony with a stranger (Sinead) in the park – who is hurting deeply because of family tragedies, but said ‘yes’ to meeting Jesus, and giving her situation and her life to Jesus today! Amen! The Lord will work miracles in her life now. Amen!

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    marie mc corry says

    A wonderful encouraging weekend led by our brother Darren. I AM SO happy to hear God IS FOLLOWING MY family because I have planted many seeds.Thank you JESUS for the Braid.

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