Remembering Fr Emanuele

15th July 1959 – 6th February 2014

Today, 6th February, we celebrate the life of Fr. Emanuele De Nardi, who went home to the Father's House three years ago.

Fr. Emanuele was Pastor of the Oasis of Camparmo (our mother house), and at the time of his death was the vice-Pastor General of Koinonia Giovanni Battista.

He was much loved by young people, and his witness encouraged many of them to decide to follow the Lord by consecrating themselves to virginity for the Kingdom of heaven. Here's a compilation video made in his honour by a few of them:


Remembering Manu

Bishop Frantisek's Sermon

Mons. Frantisek Radkovsky (Bishop Emeritus of Plzen) gave a moving sermon during the community's final farewell to Manu:

Dearest Emanuele, you have won!

You entrusted your life to the hands of your Friend, Lord and Saviour, without ever looking back. In fact, this union, this dialogue of love, constantly deepened, becoming always more intimate on the strength of the charism of Koinonia John the Baptist to which you belonged and helped to build and develop as a pastor.

Towards the end of your life, the Lord put you to the test. It was a test of truthfulness and faithfulness and you were found faithful. The life that you received as a gift from the Lord, now given value and enriched by your love, by your faithfulness, effort and suffering, you have now given back to Him and He has welcomed it. May the Lord be praised for the great work that he has done in you and with you!

Dear sisters and brothers, and dear family of Fr. Emanuele!

Don’t be sad, because we are sure that he is already in the arms of the God who loves him where he rejoices with Him, interceding for us, and waiting for us. Strive instead that Koinonia John the Baptist will give glory to God, bearing fruit similar to this, seeking out holiness. I don’t mean that you should only die in holiness, but that you should already live in holiness on this earth. We need saints here, not only in paradise!

While this world only seeks out happiness in illusions, distancing itself from God, what it actually needs is a continuously renewed injection of the Gospel, in such a way that it is accessible and understandable. This is the life of one who lives the Gospel fully! My wish is that you will be like this more and more.

From my frequent experiences of Plzen-Litice i see how effective this testimony of the Gospel is for all those who draw close to you and who observe your life up close: a life that is pleasant, happy and attractive.

Cry out, and proclaim this Gospel again with your life. Do this with the certainty that Fr. Emanuele will help you through his intercession, and will be close to you, because he is in the arms of God and therefore he and his intercession are more powerful than when he was here on the earth.


Mons. František Radkovský
Bishop of Plzen

You can find images of Emanuele's life and farewell on the website of Koinonia (Czech Republic), using the following link:

Emanuelova poslední cesta


  1. Reply
    mickey says

    Father Mano is Now A Loud Voice For KJB in Paradise….He Now Intercedes For All Of Us… But Our Much Loved Brother Is Still Sorely Missed…Every Day……..

  2. Reply
    David says

    I knew Emanuele from 20 years ago I first met him at the International Summer School in Rome. The young Manu and Alvaro showed by their preaching and their lives what it was to have a personal and convicting relationship with Jesus. They really confirmed and encouraged my passsion for the Koinonia School of Evangelisation.
    Many years later, just the summer before his passing to the Lord he had become a true friend, even though I was so small in Koinonia and lived so far away in Ireland. That summer I was going through a very hard pastoral time and I had some precious conversations with him, directly and by phone, that really showed his love for me and concern that the Koinonia would always be a place of love and safety for everyone. Emanuele, continue to pray for us in the Reality of Belfast and Ireland.

  3. Reply
    Margaret Magorrian says

    Remembering P. Emanuele with great love and fondness. A true child of God who showed me Jesus by his smile, words and actions.

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